Campus Resources and Departments

Below you'll find a list of campus resources and departments that are here to help you succeed. Their job is to get you enrolled into the university, and ensure that you have everything you need to move forward with your studies.

  • The SVRC
  • Registrar's Office
  • Career Opportunities and Employer Relations
  • Student Diversity, Outreach, and Women's Programs
  • Counseling, Disabilities Support, & Student Wellness
  • Cashier's Office
  • Student Financial Assistance


Our campus' cenralized veterans support office. It houses resources, amenities, and it hosts programs to facilitate student veterans' and service members' success. It also houses our Student Veteran Advisor and Student Success Coaches to offer assistance wth campus resources, guidance with external resources, and support with academics and study skills.
573-341-6117 |

Registrar's Office

The Registrar is in charge of maintaining student records. They also house the VA Certifying Official, and you will go to them with your paperwork to receive your GI Bill benefits.
573-341-4181 |

Career Opportunities and Employer Relations

The C.O.E.R. office offers guidance and assistance in taking your degree and using it to enter the job market. Our university now has an Experiential Learning requirement for graduation, so seeking and finding an Internship and Coop is a great way to not only meet that requirement, but make money, gain experience, apply your knowledge, and build your network.
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Student Diversity, Outreach, and Women's Programs

The mission of the Student Diversity Programs office is to assist in actively supporting students from ethnic populations that have historically been under-represented in science and engineering careers. The office also helps promote awareness about multicultural related issues to the campus community.
573-341-7286 |

Counseling, Disabilities Support, & Student Wellness

The CDSW office promotes the success and wellbeing of the Missouri S&T community through educational access, health promotion, and psychological assistance.

The Disabilities Support Center's goal is to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodative services to ensure equal access to all that Missouri S&T offers. Speaking to them is optional, but they are here to help. Be sure to bring any health forms, doctor's notes, or other paperwork.
573-341-6655 |

CDSW also offers students support and resources pertaining to other issues:
- Academic success such as motivation, study skills, test preparation, and reading comprehension.
- Resources and guidebooks they offer for loan.
- Offers several tests and inventories to help you determine which career path is right for you.

Student Wellness seeks to maintain a healthy campus by providing education on positive choices towards alcohol, stress, relationships, and more.

573-341-4211 |

Cashier's Office

The Cashier's Office is your main contact for managing your student financial account. Utilizing GI Bills and other VA aid can sometimes lead to problems, so contact them if you have an issue and they will be glad to help you out.
573-341-4095 |

Student Financial Assistance

The Student Financial Assistance (SFA) office is our campus resource to help you find the best way to pay for college. The Cashier's Office handles internal funding, whereas the SFA office handles funding externally. If you're looking for scholarships, FAFSA help, or general budgeting advice, they can help you.
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