SVRC Event Information

Here you will find more information on the current semester's events and links to sign up for the event(s) that you wish to attend. Also see our events list by month on the home page.

For new incoming veterans the Student Veteran Orientation is the event for you. It covers a variety of topics including: campus resources, academic resources, utilizing the GI Bill, transition, external resources, future steps, and more!

No dates are set at this time. Contact SVRC in regards to potential spring/fall date any time. Feel free to contact us via phone call, email, or in person. 

VITAL Program

Many Veterans enter college and university life directly out of the military. This is a significant life transition, and most people need time to adjust to the new setting, culture, and experiences of campus life. This transition is more difficult for some Veterans than for others. They may need more help with physical or mental health issues or with the practical aspects of transitioning to this new environment. That’s where VITAL can help.

The Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership (VITAL) program strives to enhance academic retention and success through:

  • On-campus clinical care and coordination
  • Improving understanding of Veterans' unique strengths and challenges through education and training delivered to the campus community
  • Collaborating with the local VA medical center, the Veterans Benefits Administration, campus faculty and staff members, and community resources

(Pulled from VA College Toolkit)


Vital Visits are listed in our Upcoming Events. 

OURE Lunch & Learn Oct. 12th

To learn more about OURE research and the scholarships they may offer with a provided lunch.


If you would like to present or suggest a company or organization to present please call, email or stop by. If you would like to see specific topics please let us know.

If you would like to RSVP please email or message the SVRC facebook, or select 'going' on our posted event. 

Periodically througout the semester we will have Guest Speakers from the local community, companies, and more that will come by either earlier or later in the day to share their knowledge and experience. This differs from lunch and learns due to the fact that no food is provided and are typically after business hours. 

(no dates at this time)

   This event is designed to connect our military veterans across generations. We invite our campus faculty veterans to connect with our student veterans and learn about what they're working on, accomplishing, and about ways to get involved.
   Our student veterans will have the opportunity to learn from and connect with our faculty in an informal setting to learn about what they are a engaged with, and about the wider goings on in academia.

   Food and drink will be served, along with some ice breaker games if so desired.

Our flagship event. We invite the campus community to come out and place flags into our Havener Lawn in commemoration and recognition of a veteran or service member in their life. We build a giant, visual, representation to show how many veterans and service members impact our lives. It's free to participate in.