Academic Support Programs

Here is a sampling of the programs the SVRC offers that support our veterans and service members throughout their time at S&T. The goal is to ensure they have what they need to succeed in classes, as well as learn useful and fun ways to get involved on campus.

  • Lunch Councils
  • Special Guests
  • Dead Week Survival
  • Newsletters and other materials

Lunch Councils

One of our flagship events. The Lunch Councils provide a location and a forum for veterans and university faculty & staff to connect, share information, and to provide feedback for programs on campus. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to connect with those who normally aren't always on campus.

Special Guests

Periodically throughout the semester, we invite guests from University offices and guests from the Faculty so that they may share their knowledge about useful programs and to offer guidance to those who may need it. This is not limited to on-campus departments, we have invited VSO officials of the State of Missouri here to assist veterans with their VA benefits as well.

Dead Week Survival

The week before finals we offer extended hours, study resources, stress-relief resources, and "health packs" of snacks to help our students study well. We also host USO Therapy Dogs to help students unwind.

Newsletters and other materials

We have many ways to spread the word about campus resources, programs, and tips on navigating veterans benefits.

Heroes Field, November 2017

S&T shows recognition and appreciation of our veterans and service members.

At our Heroes Field event, held annually around Veterans Day, the S&T community is invited to come out and place flags in recognition and appreciation of our veterans and service members. At our last event, November 2017, we had over 800 flags placed throughout the event.

display of how many flags were placed at the field.