Programs and Services

The SVRC is designed to help veterans transition to, and succeed, in academia.
We offer many amenities and programs tailored to provide veterans with the tools they need to succeed during their time here.


A campus concierge who can connect you with any on-campus resources you might need. The Advisor and SVRC also have information and useful contacts related to external support services, e.g. the VA, that you may require.

The Advisor's goal is to ensure that you spend your time focused on your studies, and not worried about transition and other issues.

Veterans Coach

Our Veterans' Coaches are available to assist during the working hours of the SVRC. They offer guidance and support for students on goal setting, time management, study skills, professors, and much more.

Re-Spec-T Program


The Re-Spec-T Program is a model built to help our service members and veterans transition from a military life-style to an academic one and finally to build a successful civilian career. We hope to help them understand the natural and necessary changes required to successfully reintegrate and find success as a civilian. They will learn to readapt their internal specifications to meet their transition goals.

Our programs are designed to help facilitate a successful transition by following a three-tiered model: Translation, Transition, and Transformation. These mirror three broad steps of a university program: the admissions process, succeeding in academics, and working to develop a career.

See the links below for more information on the phases and their respective programs.


Admissions Support

The "red phase" of our program. Here we are focused on getting our veterans & service members settled into Missouri S&T. We work to finalize any paper work, handle benefits, and ensure that they have the basics needed to move forward into college.

Academic Support

The "white phase" of our program is where the SVRC spends the majority of its time and energy. We focus on academic support, helping students make the most of their time here, encouraging involvement, and helping them find any tools and resources they may need.

Career Development

Our "blue phase" programs are future-oriented and typically revolve around career preparation, developing a professional network, obtaining relevant certifications, and meeting veteran supportive companies.