Veterans Resources

Here you will find a variety of resources to help you learn about Missouri S&T, the SVRC, and transitioning for a successful academic career.

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  • VA Benefits
  • Scholarships
  • Forms


Here are a list of links and things you're going to want to understand, so you can jump into your education with your finances squared away, and with the maximum military credit you can obtain.

Registrar: Here is the link to our Registrar's site where you prepare your enrollment, and where you'll handle most of your VA benefits. There are a myriad of links, forms, and so forth that you'll need.

FAQ: A link to the Registrar's FAQ page.

Future Students: Here is where you can go to apply. It also offers additional information for military students.

MO Returning Heroes Act:  The state of Missouri offers the MO Returning Heroes Act to eligible service members to help defray the cost of college.

Veteran Access:  The Veterans Choice and Accountability Act allows eligible veterans to receive in-state tuition. Check your eligibility.

JST Brochure: Finally, obtain your Joint Services Transcript, to see if your training is eligible for college credit.

Tuition Assistance: Click here if you are using Tuition Assistance, or the TA Top Up.

Top Up

VA Benefits

Here are several useful links to VA educational benefits, as well as a brief description to help you understand and select the best one for you.

GI Bill: VA Site.

Post 9/11: GI Bill. Perhaps the standard choice for most soldiers, it offers up to full coverage of in-state tuition (based off your eligibility, and enrollment status) combined with a housing allowance and book stipend. There is also the option to transfer your benefits to a spouse or dependent.

Montgomery: GI Bill. The older but still reliable way to pay for college. If you combine your Montgomery GI Bill benefits with a state's tuition assistance program (such as the Missouri Returning Heroes Act) it could very well provide you with more benefits in the long run. Do the math yourself, or contact our offices for assistance.


**You will still have to verify your own enrollment with the VA WAVE site.




Educational Assistnce Programs for the Reserve and Veterans respectively.




Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E, or VOC Rehab)

Assistance to help disabled veterans get back on track, and back to the productive and fulfilling lifestyle they deserve.



Our colleagues and student veterans at UMSL have compiled a list of external and supplementary scholarships that are veteran-specific and can help defray living expenses while you earn your education. They are also kind enough to keep it updated.

Veteran Friendly Scholarships


Here is our Enrollment Data Form, put together by our Registrar's office, to certify your enrollment and to indicate that you wish to receive VA benefits. Fill it out and send it to our School Certifying Official. Make sure that your classes are within your degree's requirements (or are prerequisites) - the VA won't pay for it otherwise. If you need a substitution waiver for a class, make sure you send the signed copy to our School Certifying Official so she can verify the new class, and certify it.