Programs and Services

The SVRC is designed to help veterans transition to, and succeed, in academia. We offer many amenities tailored to provide veterans with the tools they need; we also put on several programs a semester to educate student veterans on campus tools and resources.


A campus concierge who can connect you with any on-campus resources you might need. The Advisor and SVRC also have information and useful contacts related to external support services, e.g. the VA, that you may require.

The Advisor's goal is to ensure that you spend your time focused on your studies, and not worried about transition and other issues.

Veterans' Consuls

Our Veterans' Consuls are available to assist during the working hours of the SVRC. They offer guidance and support for students on goal setting, time management, study skills, professors, and much more.

New Student Veterans

Learn about all the ways we support our student veterans in their enrollment and transition to collegiate life.

Current Student Veterans

Learn about the programs and services available to help our student veterans stay on top of their academics and work towards their academic goals.

Graduating Student Veterans

Here you can learn about the programs and resources available to help our graduating students prepare themselves for that great job.